Monday, 19 January 2015

Nonlinear Sine Deformer in Autodesk Maya

Nonlinear Sine deformer in Autodesk Maya let you deform and also manipulate an object or geometry along a sine curve. As you apply the sine deformer you can manipulate the deformer with various options to control the deformation.

Like the other deformers in Autodesk Maya first select the object and then apply the sine deformer from the non-linear section of the "Create Deformer" menu under the animation section. As the deformation required a healthy amount of segments, check your object's segments before you apply the deformer.

After you apply the deformer you will not found any deformation happening till you increase the amplitude value more than zero, which is the default one. Immediately after increasing the the amplitude you will notice that the object is deforming along the sine curve. Apart from the general parameters of a non-linear deformer like the high bound, low bound and envelope, you will found four other parameters in this deformer . These parameters are , Amplitude - which let you control the amount of deformation, Wavelength- which will let you control the length of the sine curve, Offset - this parameter will let you animate the deformation along the sine curve you created, and Dropoff - which will let you ease the wavelength from the center of the sine deformer.

The video below will help you to understand the use of the deformer in depth. Hope you will enjoy . Please feel free to comment regarding the tutorial and ask questions.

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