Monday, 1 June 2015

Creating a Realistic Looking Bread in Blender

Welcome to another wonderful tutorial in Blender by Andrew Price. This tutorial will let you know how to model and texture a realistic looking bread in Blender. To start with he got a few reference of the bread which is very important . Whenever you are working on a model or texture its always important that you take proper reference so you will got the clear picture what are you up to.

To start with you can set a background image of a bread and start modeling with using the plane. Next you can unwrap the object from the uv editor and using the "project from view" option. Now after matching the model the model is still flat so edit that with sharp falloff option in smooth editing and make the bread like shape.

Next apply the diffuse map to give the look of bread and also apply the displacement map, normal map to make the final touch for the roughness we get on the outer surface of a bread. Hope you will enjoy the video.

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