Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ground Shatter Effect in Maya & PullDownIt

Pull Down It is a indeed a very nice and easy to use plug-in for creating rigid body calculation in Maya. In this tutorial we will discuss how to create a ground shattering effect in Autodesk maya with the help of the plugin PullDownIt.

To start with Create a box which will be act as ground in the scene and on which we will apply the shatter effect. the height of the box is depend on how thick you want the ground to be. Put the box above the Maya grid, as the Maya grid is going to be calculate as ground level while the simulation is happening.

Next we will create the curve to make the path on which the shatter is going to happen. You can create this curve through either EP curve tool or CV curve tool. After creating the curve we are almost ready to create the shatter.

For creating the shatter go to the PullDownIt shelf that created at the time you install the plugin. In that shelf click on the ShatterIt Feature button and the attribute window will open for you to set the basics of the shatter. From this window select the shatter type as "Path Based" . Then select the curve in the viewport which you want to set as path and hit the "Select Path" button from the ShatterIt window. You can also set the number of shards. Then select the poly cube or the box you created as a ground , and click on the button "Shatter It". Immediately you will see the shatter has been applied on the ground.

Now as the shards are created you need to transfer them to fracture bodies for the simulation. So select the entire object then go to Basic Fracture Bodies window and hit 'create' and then hit accept.In this window you also can see the weight of the different shards through 'stress view' , and you also can control them through clusterize percent value. Now set the activation to "at first hit" to activate the collision when the colliding object hit the objects for the first time.

Now as you are all set for the simulation to give a go, its better to set the Maya grid a the basic ground, from the simulation window. Don't worry if you forget to do so , cause when you try to playback the scene the PDI will give you a final option to create that.

When we created the shard objects ready for simulation you can notice that the PDI already created a small sphere attached with the curve which will act as collision object. Now play the simulation and see the effect. Sometime you need to change few settings and also need to clear the cache to delete the old calculation and create the new one. So go through the video tutorial below and you will have all the details you required.

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