Friday, 13 March 2015

Creating Ice Cube in Autodesk 3Ds Max

Hello everyone, Creating ice cube in 3ds max is actually very easy. This tutorial will guide you through the steps by which you can create the ice cube effects easily. For creating the ice cube apart from the texturing or the ice material the shape of the object is also play an important role in the final look. First we will create the proper shape of the ice cube then we will concentrate on the shading or the material.

For creating the shape of the ice cube we will take the chamfer box . Then we have to use the noise modifier to make the surface uneven, as the surface of the ice cubes generally looks, remember the surface will not be rough but uneven. So check for the scale value and the axis strength in the noise modifier.

Now as our model is ready we have to move to material. Creating the material is very easy. Select any material slot in the material editor , apply raytrace map into refraction slot of the material. to make the impact more accurate use falloff map in transparency slot. Here fall off map play a major role for the final look of the ice. Now to make the surface uneven more accurately put noise map in the bump map slot, and maintain the size to a small value. Now again for the falloff map the type of the falloff map should be Fresnel . Fresnel helps us to vary the transparency values according to the camera angle and facing of the object towards camera.

Now as the basic ice has been created we have to make the final look of the ice. As we know for the ice cube the core of the cube is always kind of hazy . That look can be done through an important option available in Raytrace map which we put into the refraction slot. So for the same go to refraction > Raytrace material extension and turn on the Fog in internal density section. This will give you the ultimate look for the ice cube. You have to play with the start value end value and the  amount parameter to get the exact look you desired. Enjoy the video and do make some comments.

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