Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Polycount option in Autodesk Maya

Polycount option in Autodesk maya is a very small heads up display option. Though this option is small but while creating a model this option is one of the best friend of a modeler. Through this tool you can track down your number of polygon in check. This is a very important tool specially when you are creating a 3D model for game engine where the engine has a limitation for accepting the model.

To activate the option you have to go to Display menu > Heads Up Display > Polycount. Now you can see the headsup display on the upper left corner of the each viewport.

Polycount option have three different segments. The first one is for the entire maya scene. The middle one is for the selected object or the current object you selected in your Autodesk Maya scene, and the last one shows the number of selected component of the Maya Geometry like vertex , edge, or faces. This tool is very important as any modeling artist is working on a tight polycount option whether the model is for a game design or any other presentation. This tool alos comes handy when you are merging vertices for large number of area, this tool will make you sure that you are selecting the right number of component you wanted to select.

Lets check out what else you can do with this tool.

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