Monday, 19 May 2014

Lattice Modifier in Autodesk 3Ds Max

Lattice modifier in Autodesk 3ds max is a very specific and special modifier. This modifier helps us to create any object as it is in a wire frame mode, with thickness in it.

We can apply this modifier into the entire object or selected sub-object levels. Lattice convert the vertex and the edges of the any object into geometry, by invisible the faces. This makes the object look like a wire frame mode.

There are two option other than converting the entire object. Joints only from Vertices and struts only from edges. Here we ca control the radius , segments and number of sides of the struts. Whereas in the case of joints, we can control the radius and segments . For both the cases we can give an unique material ID for control over the materials. You can change the Geodesic base type of the joints also which are "Tetra" , "Octa" and "Icosa" . Go through the video tutorial below for the in depth idea about the modifier Hope you will enjoy.

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