Monday, 26 May 2014

Basics of Orient Constrain in Autodesk Maya

Orient constrain is another important constrain in Autodesk Maya. As we already seen the point constrain is all about controlling the position / translate values. Orient constrain , by the name you can already understand , is all about controlling the rotation movement of the child object. While creating a character rig you will need this constrain for creating and attaching the controller with the joints. Specially for FK (Forward Kinematics) controls.

You can find the orient constrain just below the aim constrain in the constrain menu.


For effecting the constrain first you have to decide which object is going to be your parent object and which one will be the constrain / child one. This is very important as the selection order before implementing the orient constrain is the key factor.

After selecting the objects accordingly you ca proceed to the option box for the orient constrain.


Here you can find few important options which are important to take care of before you apply the constrain.

Careful to use "maintain offset" option. If you misunderstood this option , you can get some really unwanted result for that.

Here you can have control over individual axis also. means if you want to control only X axis you can check off the other two from the list. This option will let you cut down the extra unwanted calculation while animating.

Please go through the video bellow to get an in-depth idea about the use of the orient constrain.

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