Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Flex Modifier in 3Ds Max

Flex modifier in 3Ds Max is very unique modifier which can help you to create seamless follow through motion in any animation.Follow through motion is really important animation principle to make the animation more believable. Example of Follow through motion can be a whips motion or fin of a fish. This kind of motion needs a wave or series of movement in a repetitive pattern.

Flex modifier works simply on the vertex level where you can even assign the weight or the influence of the flex on a particular vertex you want. In this way you , the user have the full control over the motion through its a automated process. One thing you have to keep remember that the base movement of the object have to animate by you yourself, whereas the rest of the sway movements will be generated according to the calculation by the modifier, and of course the way you distributed the weight into your objects vertex level.

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