Sunday, 30 November 2014

Twist Taper Modifier in 3Ds Max

Twist and Taper are two very basic and easy to use modifiers in 3ds max .These modifiers use for creating hard surface models. Just like the Bend modifier in 3Ds Max these two modifiers also depends on the subdivision or segments. You don't have to remain the history of the base object to use these modifiers. FIrst we will go through the twist modifier . This modifier has three parameter segments, Twist , Twist Axis and Limits. Twist segment consisting of two parameters, Angle and Bias. Angle sets the amount of twist and bias set the position of the twist according to the twist axis. This Twist axis can be set from the next parameter segment "Twist Axis" . Here you can set the direction of the twist according to the axis like X, Y or Z. Next segment of the parameter is the limit. This section is almost same as other modifier like bend. Limit let you restrict the amount of twist to effect according the axis you set.

The second modifier is taper . This modifier creates a special structure of the base mesh by scaling the positive and negative directions of the axis. Taper modifier also have three segments like twist, which are "Taper" ,"Taper axis" and "Limit". Taper axis and Limits option works absolutely same as Twist . Taper section have two parameters , 'Amount' and 'Curvature' . Amount set the value of the taper or in other terms the scale value according the axis you set, and Curvature set the inward or outward curvature value of that object. This video tutorial will guide you to the parameters and their use of twist and taper modifier in 3ds max.

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