Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cluster Deformer in Autodesk Maya

Cluster Deformer in Autodesk Maya is one of the unique deformer in Autodesk Maya. This deformer can be found in Create deformer menu in Animation section.

How to create Cluster Deformer in Autodesk Maya

If you just select any object and hit the create cluster button, the cluster will create but you won't feel any specialty in the creation. Cluster deformer is useful when you are using it in the component level, and not only any component but specific to vertex. If you apply to any other component than vertex it will show you an error message saying "No deformable objects found"

Cluster creation error message

When you select and apply to a bunch of vertex it will create a control in the shape of "C" in your viewport and it is very easy to see even if you are in shaded mode.


Cluster deformer gives you and unique control over the selected vertices to manipulate them according to your requirement. This deformer also support the artisan brush in Maya to maintain the influence weight for the vertices you selected while creating it. The editing weight for the cluster deformer can be found under the "Edit Deformer" Menu as "Paint Cluster Weight Tool" . The details for the using of cluster you can see the video tutorial below.

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