Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lathe Modifier in Autodesk 3Ds Max 2014

Lathe Modifier in Autodesk 3Ds Max 2014 is one of the easy modifier, if you can use it properly. Lathe modifier is a very good one for creating a symmetrical rounded object like pot , vase, wine glass etc. For creating the modifier first you have to create an "shape" object in 3Ds Max , which are : Lines , circle , rectangle etc.  from shape menu.

Shape Objects in 3Ds Max

Here I preferred  the line to create the outline shape of the wine glass which will help us to create the basic shape and the primary step for using the Lathe modifier.


This shape is very essential for the lathe modifier to determine the resulting geometry construction. Now this time is really important this moment you can change the lines pivot point to its middle from where the lathe modifier can calculate the degree or you can set the axis later. This is absolutely your choice to make.

Now move to the modifier list and then press "L" on the keyboard . remember that your line object should be selected , as the Lathe modifier in 3Ds Max only works on shape objects.


Next you can go through the parameters of the Lathe modifier to create your desired geometry. In this parameter list the essential parameters are like "degree" , "Flip Normal" , "Capping" , "Align" etc.


For further details , about how to use the parameters of the modifier, please follow the video below where we have shown the detailed steps to use the Lathe modifier in 3Ds Max , by creating  a wine glass. Have fun .

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