Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Autodesk Maya Rigging tutorial Chapter 08 FK Arm Controller

Autodesk Maya Rigging tutorial chapter 08 will continue to guide you with the controller creation in our characters hand. This chapter will show you how to create the FK arm controllers while the character is in a relax pose, maintaining the transform gizmo to be aligned with the bones rotational axis to avoid the wobble rotation.

This alignment is very important and also little tricky to handle, but once you understand the logic the process will also seems very easy. We will use the unique power or grouping method in Autodesk Maya for this achievement.

In Maya Group act as an empty transform node where you can bypass other transform nodes, like we did in this chapter for hiding the garbage values in the rotation. These values should be zero out while making the controller, and there comes the group in action. We put the controller's transform node under the group node to avoid the conflict. Enjoy the video.

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