Saturday, 25 October 2014

Blend Shape Deformer in Autodesk Maya

Blend Shape deformer in autodesk maya is one of the strong tool for creating morph targeted animation. This deformer helps us to create the facial expression for the characters. Blend shape deformer calculate the vertex position of the base objects and the target objects. Hence both base and the target object should have the equal number of vertex . We have to generate the target object from the base object itself.

For applying or creating the blend shape object we have to first select all the target objects then select the base object and apply the create blend shape from the create deformer menu. then you can select the base object and get the each target value from the channel box or from the blend shape editor. Blend shape is not limited for the one time use. You can add more target shape even after you already entered a series of shapes. Here add option in the edit deformer option will help you. apart from general option we have also discussed other options of the deformer in the video.Go through our video tutorial to know more.

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