Monday, 23 December 2013

Rigging in Autodesk Maya Finger Joints - Chapter 05

Rigging in Autodesk Maya chapter 5 will guide you to create the finger joints of the character. If the character is in the 'T' pose then creation of the finger joints are easy but if the character is in relax pose then this process requires few small things to remember. Initially you can create the chains from the top viewport, then you have to edit the joints by using the rotation to adjust the position inside the finger model.

While rotating the fingers remember not to rotate any joint in all the three axis. Make any one axis as rotation of the fingers and other for spreading them. Fixing these two axis at initial level will save your lot of time. Remember if you making the Z axis for curling the fingers then make it for all the fingers including the thumb as adjusting the thumb is always very challenging task. Fixing one common axis let you make your character rig more compact. Same rule will apply for spreading. Follow the video tutorial bellow. This will guide you to create the finger joints seamlessly. Happy Rigging.

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