Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lighting In Autodesk 3Ds Max shadow parameter in Lights - Chapter 06

Lighting In Autodesk 3Ds Max chapter 6 will teach you about the different shadow parameter rollout in 3Ds Max light's modify panel. As through these chapters we are concentrating the basics of lights in 3ds max, I will give you the thorough idea about the parameters of shadows. These parameters can be very effective during a scene lighting.

Here you will learn about how to change the Shadow color of the light. This this one is unnatural to be the color of the shadow being any other color than black but still this is one of the most important tool for an lighting artist while lighting a non-photorealistic scene in 3ds max. Other than the shadow color you can also manipulate the density of the shadow which is another useful tool which can save a lot of render time as you might not use any extra fill light to do so. In this tutorial I also show you how use maps in shadows and also how to create the shadow of atmospheric effects like cloud. So hope you enjoy the video.

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