Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rigging In Autodesk Maya Spine Joints -Chapter 02

Rigging in Autodesk Maya chapter 2 will guide you to start rigging a character in Autodesk Maya. To start with we will focus on the characters spine joints. Spine is the best one to start creating the rig or joint structure. First you have to look for the pelvis point of the character . Every character has a COG or Centre of Gravity . Our pelvis or root joint will also be position on this very point. This joint generally positioned on the naval point of a character.Remember if you are creating your joints from the front viewport then you must check the position from the side view as well to avoid any wrong positioning.

After creation of the pelvis start creating spine joints till the clavicle or the collar bone area. Here number of spine joints and distance are depend on the size of the character. I generally took at least 3 spine joints for my characters. Always rename your joints to avoid confusion in future. And lastly the most important one DEFINITELY freeze transform your joints without any failure. Happy Rigging.

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