Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Rigging In Autodesk Maya Joints creation - Chapter 01

Rigging in Autodesk Maya series will guide you through Autodesk Maya's basics of rigging techniques and know how's. Through this series we will guide you step by step how to rig a character from the scratch. This is the very first chapter, and in this chapter I will show you the basics of joints and how to use the joints in Autodesk Maya.

To start with first we will discuss about the joint tool. This tool options are really important for the person who is starting the rigging. Through this options you can customize your joint size and all. The we will see the basic relationship between the joints and how they inherit the transformation values to each other. Then comes the Degrees of Freedom. This is important as if we want to immobilize our joint rotation in one or more axis at a time. Next comes the primary and secondary axis choices for the joints. This is really important to understand that you have to maintain the primary axis same throughout the entire rig setup for the character.

The next phase is discussed about the scale compensate option. This is a very unique feature for joints and very easy to play with, however if you can use this option properly. Follow the video below to know more.

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