Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wire Tool In Autodesk Maya

Wire tool in Autodesk Maya works with the combination of a surface and a curve. When we change the position of the vertex of the curve , the nearest vertices of the surface which got its influence also moves accordingly to create the surface deformation. This tool is very useful for creating the facial expression of a character in Autodesk Maya.

The wire can be found in the create deformer menu in animation section. To give you the example of this useful tool we have also took help of another maya deformer, blend shape. Here we first create a deformation in a curve shape. Then connect the curve with the surface. For connecting the curve with the surface, first we activate the wire tool from the menu then, first click the surface then hit enter , next we select the curve and hit again enter. thus we can successfully make the connection between the curve and the surface. As we already made the blend shape connection in the curve previously, now we can control the deformation of the surface through blend shape also.  Differently You can create cluster controls on the vertex of the curve and directly influence the surface by the wire tool. The influence of the wire tool can be edit through the artisan brush system of Autodesk maya from the paint wire weight tool in the edit deformer menu.

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