Saturday, 5 October 2013

Seamless Mirroring Blendshape In Autodesk Maya

Seamless mirroring blendshapes in Autodesk Maya is really challenging and also time taking if you are not aware of few really cool tricks. In this video tutorial we will show how to mirror a facial expression of a character on the same face.

First we have create the disgust expression of the character on the left side of the face. Then we simply duplicate the base shape for two time and put these two shape exactly on the same position. Rename one of them as scale and other one as wrap . Now use blendshape deformer to transfer the the expression into the scale one. after transfer the expression use negative x value to make this face mirror. Remember this mirroring is temporary.

Now we are going to use another deformer that is wrap. By using the wrap deformer now we will transfer the mirror/scaled facial expression to the model named wrap. Now duplicate the this wrap face model and bingo, you can use this as a perfect mirror expression which is now on the right side of the character's face. You can check your result by using the mirrored model with the blend shape deformer . Follow the video tutorial for the steps in detail.

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