Friday, 20 September 2013

Bake Topology to Targets In Autodesk Maya

Bake topology to targets in Autordesk Maya helps us to transfer the changes we made in the base mesh / geometry to the target mesh / geometry after we create the target mesh. Like if later stage we decide to change vertex position or add some edge into it. Here comes the bake topology to work.

First we have to create the blend shape deformer using the base mesh and the target mesh. This is important as we need the blend shape node to perform this task. Let say we want to add some edge loop in the base mesh. By using the poly edit tool "insert Edge Loop" tool we can easily add an edge loop near the lip area of the characters face. After applying the edge loop we can see from the heads up display poly count option the number of the vertex of the base mesh and the target shapes are now different.

Next select the base mesh and from the blend shape menu click on the Bake topology to target. Now if you check the poly count , you will see all the mesh are consisting of same vertex number and the the loop has already been added to the target meshes also. Also the blend shape connection will work smoothly.  The same tool can help you if you want to remove some of the edges and also modify the base mesh in some area. Follow the tutorial where you will get the examples of this tool has been explained in detail.

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