Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bump 2D & Bump 3D node In Autodesk Maya

Bump 2D & Bump3D Node in Autodesk Maya are responsible for surface detailing through a given texture  pattern. In Autodesk Maya Shaders have their slot to put the bump map into them, generally this bump map slot can be found in common material attributes. Whenever we call a texture into the bump map slot the bump nodes are automatically been created depending on the type of the texture we put. If we call the 2D texture from the map then it will create the bump 2D node and if we call the 3D texture then it will create the bump 3D node.

With in the bump 2D node we found two main parameters. Bump value and the Bump Node. The texture we call for the map are plug in to the bump value node, whereas the bump depth controls the amount of depth regarding the map we put into. The difference between this bump 2D and bump 3D node is the use of the maps. in bump 2D node we can use only 2D textures whether they are procedural or manually created by a image editing software. In case of bump 3D node we have to use procedural 3D maps as 2D imgaes will not work for the bump 3D node. In this video tutorial we will give you the details of how to use these nodes works and also how to use them in a practical manner.

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