Friday, 5 July 2013

How to create an Eye Shader in Autodesk Maya

Creating an eye shader or texture in very short time is really a big challenge. The process we discuss here will give you a verya fast and reliable output for eye texture when you need to create it in a very short time. FIrst create a poly sphere and apply a blinn material onto it. We are using blinn as it gives a basic specular value to work with. In the color option under common material attributes, use a ramp from 2d texture list.

Next change the basic colors into your desired colors and also position them according to the pupil structure of the eyes. The central part of the pupil will on the top and the eye nerves will follow its position. Creating the streaks of the mid pupil is a little tricky one to create. Here as you select the color of the mid pupil we will create/call a noise 2D texture from the Autodesk Maya's procedural 2D texture maps.

Within this noise texture map , move to the color balance section to make the final pupil color of the eyes. Here the color gain option will be the main color of the pupil change this color to the color you want to be your eye color, like blue or green or may be brown or black. Also use the frequency ratio to control the pattern of streaks you want in the pupil area.

As we finish the pupil area next we will work on the blood veins on the white portion of the eyes. To create this part select the white color and put a 3D procedural texture 'marble' into it . Then control the vein width and diffuse for adjust the amount of blood on the eyes.  Follow the video for more in depth idea and steps for creating the eye texture in Autodesk Maya.

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