Monday, 17 June 2013

Lights In Autodesk 3Ds Max - Chapter 01

Lights in Autodesk 3Ds Max chapters will give you a through understanding regarding the lights in 3ds max. Generally there are two kind of lights are there in 3Ds Max. Photometric lights and standard lights. In these chapters we mainly focus on the standard lights. In the standard Lights list you will also get two lights which have a 'mr' prefix on them these are the mental ray lights and these lights work with the mental ray render engine.

In standard light we will found three four different kind of lights , Spot light, direction light , Omni light and Skylight. To start with the lights lets start with omni light which is a unidirectional light means, this light emit the light in all direction. This light can be used for creating a light bulb, which also emit lights in multiple direction. Though the omni light is unidirectional it also depend on the angle of the surface. the more the surface is angled with the light less the light will effect on it.

In the modify panel you will get the general parameter of the lights. This general parameter is more or less same for all the lights except the skylight in 3ds max. In this general parameters you can change the light type from omni to spot to any other except to skylight. You can also switch on/off the light from here. Other than the omni light you can also make the light as a targeted light or not.

For enable the shadow effect for light you can turn them on from the shadow section and also can select the shadow type from the drop down list. Use global settings lets you to create or share the same settings for all the lights whose use global settings are activated. Like if we activate this 'use global settings' option for two lights and we change the shadow type of one light , from shadow map to ray-traced shadow , then the other will also change automatically. SO be very careful to use this option as this can change the entire scene dramatically.

The exclude option is really a tool that lighting artist would love to play with. This tool will give the artist a choice whether he/she want to block the effect of light or shadow or the both for an object. The video tutorial will give you some extensive look into the use of these parameters.

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