Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lights In Autodesk 3Ds Max - Chapter 02

In this second chapter of the Lights in Autodesk 3ds max, we will continue discussing about the light parameters. In this chapter you will learn about the Intensity and decay of a light. In the Intensity / decay / attenuation parameter.

Intensity of the light is pretty much straight. The multiplier option calculates the intensity of the light . You can change the color of the light by changing the color option box just beside of the multiplier parameter. Changing the color of the light is always very important for non-photorealistic lighting , though you can use them for photo realistic renders also.

The very next option for lights is the Decay. Decay controls the intensity of the light after emitting from the source. There are two types of decay in 3ds max . Inverse decay and inverse square decay. If you use none then light will not going to decrease after emitting. Inverse decay is something straight , where the distance from the object is inversely proportionate with the intensity of the light. The inverse square decay will make the calculation double, which means if you loose the double intensity according to the distance.for calculating the distance and effect of lights 3ds max have a gizmo on decay to help you out. The details of the decay calculation and how they behave in the scene has been discussed with example and detail in the video below.

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