Saturday, 28 February 2015

Squash Deformer in Autodesk Maya

Squash deformer in autodesk maya helps to create a setup where the animator can squash and stretch an object according to their requirement. This deformer can be used both in modeling and animation.

For applying this deformer you have to first select the object, then you have to apply the deformer from the Create deformer > Nonlinear menu. Let the default settings unchanged. Immediately the deformer will be created and you can check that through the channel box. In the input option of the channel box select the squash option to reveal the parameters for the deformer.

There are various kind of options are there to control the squash deformer. Some of the parameters are very much common for all the non linear deformers. The most important parameter is the "Factor" . By changing this parameter you will get the squash and stretch effect on the geometry. Nex important parameter is the "expansion" . This parameter helps us to define about the maintaining the volume of the geometry.

Start and End smoothness also tricky to use . These two actually help us to make the shape along the squash handles. Follow the video below for more details about the deformer.

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