Monday, 10 November 2014

Lattice Deformer in Autodesk Maya

Lattice Deformer in Autodesk Maya create a cage like structure , which help you to reshape your model with like a lesser segments. First select the model then go to the create deformer menu and apply lattice. immidiately you can see the cage like structure appear around the model as lattice gizmo. Don't worry you can manipulate the structure and also the number of the cage. Now if you right click on the lattice gizmo you will get two options. One is the regular "object mode" and the other is the "lattice point" . If you select the lattice point you will see the lattice gizmo will show you the lattice points which are looks similar like vertex of a poly model. If you pull these lattice points you will effect the portion of the model itself , which are nearer to the lattice point you selected. This is the basic effect of the lattice deformer.

Now look at the different options of the lattice. To start with the number of division. There are three column are there for X, Y and Z axis divisions. You can set the numbers here or else from the attribute editor after you create it. Remember though you can set the number of the divisions even after you apply the deformer , if you increase or decrease the division number after manipulating the lattice points you might get weird result in the model. So be careful about it. To understand the use of local mode please go through the video tutorial below, as it is very hard to describe it with only text and image.

Position of the lattice gizmo is connected with the option named "outside lattice" .You will get different results for these combination. SO use them accordingly. in the video I have  already shown the example. The other option like group and auto-parent option create the lattice system in a group and also create a parent child relation respectively. The freeze option also to freeze the geometry mapping .

Next I have shown an example of using this lattice deformer in a practical way, where I use this deformer to create a flat tire of a car.Hope you will enjoy.

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