Saturday, 8 November 2014

Autodesk Maya Rigging Tutorial Chapter 09 - FK Hand Hierarchy

In this 9th Chapter of Rigging in Autodesk Maya, we will continue where we left on chapter 8. Last Chapter we had created the FK controller on the shoulder joint of our character. In this chapter we already created the elbow and the wrist controller in the same manner. Now we have to join them as a single hierarchy. The hierarchy of the shoulder and elbow controller are like group > control > Joint . Here the Group node is playing a really important role by containing the garbage value of the rotations and all. so we cannot directly connect the elbow controller into it. as they will just messed the whole system ( if you want ... you can try this at ). So what we did is we connect the group node of the elbow with the controller of the shoulder.  As the controller of the shoulder has zero value in the transform node the hierarchy don't get effected, even if the group node get any value it will be kept in itself and won't pass on to its child node ie. the controller of elbow. This video tutorial will let you know about the detail logic behind the connection hope you will enjoy it.

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