Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reverse foot in Autodesk Maya Rigging - Chapter 06

Reverse foot in Autodesk Maya perhaps one of the most asked technique from the aspiring character rigger. Student usually try to remember the steps without thinking about the logic. If you try to remember only the steps then in time you are bound to forget and messed up the whole structure. This video tutorial will help you to understand the basic logic of the reverse foot technique. Why we need to use this technique and of course how to achieve the goal in very easy step. During this steps I have used maya group method which help us to create the blank transform node which enable us to rotate the IK handles. Without which we will never be able to get the reverse foot.

While creating the IK handles we also have to remember the difference between the two solver RP ie. Rotate Plane solver and SC ie. SIngle chain solver. Where to use these two IK chain solver is very important. Hope this video will guide you step by step to seamless structure of the characters foot.

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