Friday, 6 December 2013

Magic Wand Tool in Adobe Photoshop - Chapter 03

Magic Wand Tool in Adobe Photoshop really works like Magic wand. This tool we use to select the pixels which have the similar color values or at least close enough values. Just swish your wand and they are selected. Magic wand tool can select the pixels who have the same color value and which are connected with each other or even separated by other color pixels with in your image. This tool also have an threshold value to determine how much closeness of the color value you wanted to select. This is known as tolerance value. If you decrease this value and sect a particular color then magic wand will not only select that color but also try to select those colors which near to that color value. Similarly if you increase the tolerance value, then it will not going to relax it search for the similarity. Go through the video tutorial, this will guide you how to use the tool effectively.

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