Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Learning Adobe Photoshop Rectangular selection- Chapter 01

Learning Adobe Photoshop will provide you the series of information regarding one of the most popular tool in Computer Graphics. Adobe photoshop is perhaps the most used tool in graphics. We will start our lessons from the very first tool that is rectangular selection tool. This tool actually offer you in many ways to perform the selection. From the video tutorial below you will learn how to select multiple area at a time and how to add more selection to he existing one , also how to subtract and intersect the selection.

Apart from the normal selection option, learn how to refine your selection even after yo make the selection by using "refine edge" option. With this option you can refine the radius of the corners of the selection, use contrast and smooth for the feather, and moreover expand/contract your selection. Hope you will enjoy the chapter and the entire series.

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