Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Condition Node In Autodesk Maya

Condition node in Autodesk Maya is perhaps one of the most powerful utilities. This utility node helps us in different aspects of production like Texturing rigging and animation also. As the name suggests this node compares two different situations and deliver a result out of them.

The condition node can be found in the utility section of Maya hypershade. After creating the node if you go to the attribute editor, you will get the condition attribute there.

All the attributes in condition attribute are important. These are like, First Term, Second Term, Operation and then the resultant factors like, Color if true and Color if false.

The operation parameter has few different factors to choose from. These are like, equal/not equal, greater than, greater or equal, less than and less or equal. They are the factors that the Operation parameter act as the decider between the first term and the second term. And if the result comes as true, then the node outcome the "Color if true" value and if not, then it will bring "Color if False". Follow the video tutorial to know the in depth knowledge about the condition node in autodesk Maya.

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