Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to create Ghost Material in 3Ds Max using Falloff map

Hello everyone, In this tutorial we will learn how to make a ghost shader or material in 3ds Max. This is sometime quite important tutorial on texturing in 3ds Max. For creating a ghost looking material first we will take a simple standerd material in 3ds max material editor. Now turn on the self illumination to the maximum after choosing the color of your ghost material. now for the material looking like ghost the outline of the object should be opaque/visible and the inner portion will go invisible.Now set the falloff type to "fresnel" to make the transparency more tight.

After you are satisfied with the transparency, we have to give this material a glow. To create the material glow from the outline of the object we have to go to environment and effects > go to effects tab and add blur. This blur will be working according to a pixel threshold level. Follow the below video for the detail steps.

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