Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to create Caustics in Autodesk Maya

Caustics is an effect which is very natural incident in real world. Caustics creates while light rays hits on a reflective or a refractive object. In the similar way we can create two different kind of caustics in Maya one is reflective, another one is refractive.

In this scene we have created two different object , one is a gold material which will act as reflective and another is a glass which is refractive in nature. To make the caustic effect we have to turn on the mental ray as our render engine. Then we have to activate the emit photon option from mental ray section of the light, and also turn on the caustics from the render settings > indirect illumination tab.

Calculation of caustics are depend on few factors like color of the object , intensity of the light the size of the cone angle and many more. In the video below we have discussed about the various options which holds the major responsibility to get the better result. Hope you all will like it.

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