Thursday, 7 May 2015

How to use set driven key in Autodesk Maya

Set driven key is perhaps the most powerful tool for the rigging in Autodesk Maya. It gives you the immense opportunity to control the desired attribute with a condition in place. In this video We are trying to make a connection between two parameter of two different object. Here we like to control the radius of the torus with the translate Z of the poly sphere.

Go to Animation section , under the animate menu you will found the set driven key option. While turning on the set driven key window don't select any object or else that selected object will become the driven. When the set driven key window open select the object you want to make the driver then click on the load driver, same process will go for the load driven option. now you can select the driver parameter , here in this example the driver is the translate Z and the driven will be the radius. Follow the video for the detailed steps to accomplish the relation between two parameter.

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  1. This I have long sought. Manipulation of the Maya joints, and so simple. A big thank you for this tutorial.