Friday, 24 April 2015

Shattering a wall in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Lawrence Black has shows us how to create the shattering effect on a wall in Cinema 4D. For completing the effect you will need a plugin called Thrausi. To start with we will create three cube models which will act as walls. Then select all the cubes and go to plugin menu, and click Thrausi. Select the Thrausi only not the Thrausi cutter , boole or building. The Thrausi window will open.

In this Trausi window, set the number of pieces you wanted to create , select the piece type to random and click "Break Now" button to finish the calculation. Wait for some time to let the software complete the calculation. 

Now create a sphere and give this sphere a simulation tag named RigidBody and make a ground plane and give that plane a Collider Body tag. Now turn on the dynamic tag for the fragments. Now if you play the simulation you will see the the fragments will start to fall even if they are not hit by the sphere. So set the Trigger as "On Collision" for the fragments. Now you will see when the sphere is hitting the boxes or the wall they are shattering into pieces. Follow the video for the further details.

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