Monday, 6 April 2015

Basic Simulation in Blender

In this video tutorial  Matthew Manville explained the basic parameters of the fluid simulation inside blender. Irrelevant to the version, Matthew has explain the important features of fluid simulation and other accessories of it.

First we will create a UV Sphere. for the fluid object emitter.Now for defining the simulation area create a large box and put your fluid object inside the cube. Make sure you put all of your fluid objects inside this cube otherwise it won't effect.

Now by selecting the cube go to physics tab select fluid and make the fluid type to domain. Now select the original sphere and make fluid and set the type to fluid.Then click on the domain object and hit bake. Now you can see the simulation happened and the fluid falling down and hitting the base of the cube we took. Now make the sphere to inflow type fluid and give an inflow value to it. Thats it the fluid simulation is done for the basic use.

Now for interacting this fluid with other objects, or collision objects. Create another cube and make this one also a fluid and select the type as obstacles.Now bake the fluid and play, you will see the fluid is splashing on the cube you made as a obstacles. Follow the video below for the further details of the parameters that you can manipulate.

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