Monday, 9 March 2015

Twist Deformer in Auodesk Maya

Twist Deformer helps us to create the twist effect on a geometry. Like any other deformer this also required the sufficient amount of subdivision. So for the required effect I took a polygon cube with a height and sufficient subdivision in it.

In the animation section , go to create deformer menu > nonlinear > Twist , by selecting the object you can apply the deformer into that. Twist deformer has very specific use and effect on the object you apply. If you go to the input section under he channel box you will get the parameters to control the twist. Envelope, high bound and low bound are the common parameters for all the deformers. Envelope control the overall effect of the deformer, where as high and low bound control the effect of the same above and below of the center point of the deformer handle. The unique parameters are Start angle and End angle. The start angle will control the twist from the base of the object and the end angle will do the same from the top. However this effect depend on how your deformer handles are actually staged. if you rotate the handle the result can be entirely different.

You can go through the video below for the details use of this deformer. Like other nonlinear deformer you can mix the effect of the deformer with the other nonlinear deformer like , bend or flare. SO hope you will learn and enjoy.

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