Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Noise Modifier in 3Ds Max

Noise Modifier in 3Ds Max modulates the vertex of the 3D geometry or mesh to create an uneven surface. In this tutorial I took three different kind of object to demonstrate the effect of the modifier, those are one plane , a sphere and a box. Before you apply the modifier you have to remember to increase the segments of the 3d model , as I already told that, this modifier modulate the vertex of the model.

When you apply the modifier from the modifier list you will the its parameters are divided into three segments , those are 'Noise' , 'Strength' and 'Animation'. In the first segment the scale of the noise is very important . It play a significant role when you try to give the strength of the noise in three different axis. You can use more roughness by turn on the fractal option here which helps to create pointy surface by the two parameter called roughness and the iteration value. In the Animation section there are two parameters which helps us to create the animated noise. Frequency play the strength of the animation and phase value calculates the speed of the change of the surface modulation. Though the phase parameter automatically generates the keyframe, you have to activate the animate noise button to see the animation effecting in the viewport.

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