Monday, 17 November 2014

Flare Deformer In Autodesk Maya

Flare Deformer in Autodesk Maya helps us to create a flare or taper like effect on the 3d model. Like the other deformers in Maya this also has some common and basic properties, and also need subdivisions in the models. When you apply the deformer no effect can be seen, and you have to manipulate the properties to get the effect.

Flare deformer properties are divided into two axis 'X' and 'Z'. You can get the start flare and also the end flare option for those two axis. The start flare option is to increase the scale factor of the base of the mesh and the end flare is the scale factor for top of the mesh. The 'Curve' parameter is really interesting and also important as this will give you a nice curvature in between the top portion and bottom portion of the flare calculations. The Low bound and high bound are work same as other nonlinear deformers. Low bound restrict the effect of the flare in lower part from the center and high bound do the same on the top part from the center of the flare handle.

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