Saturday, 15 November 2014

Bend Deformer in Autodesk Maya

Bend deformer in Autodesk Maya is the first nonlinear deformer in the list. As the name suggests this deformer helps us to create the bend effect on the selected geometry or 3d model. Bend modifier can be found in 'create deformer' menu under 'non linear' section. Apart from bend, you will found other deformers in this section like sine, flare , twist etc. The reason behind putting these under the non linear is, these deformers are depends on the topology of the 3d mesh. If you change the base mesh the effect of the deformer will also change. Before you apply bend remember to increase the subdivision of the mesh.

In bend optionsyou can found three options , 'curvature' , 'low bound' and 'high bound' . the curvature option let you set the amount of the bend curvature you want . whereas the high bound and low bound work as the limit factor of the bend value which you want to restrict from the upper portion and the lower portion from the center of the bend gizmo. Here you need to remember you can easily alter the direction of the bend by rotating the gizmo itself. The envelope option helps us to clamp down the entire effect of the deformer on the 3d model.

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