Monday, 24 February 2014

Rigging In Maya Foot Controls - Chapter 07

Rigging In Maya Foot Controls chapter 7 will show you the next step of the series where we will create final control of the foots . On the previous chapter of this series we already show you how you can create the toe ball , toe tip structure for the foot. Now we have to bind them with a control where animators will easily use them while animating the foot of the character.

In order to do so we have to use Maya's one of the most important tool Set Driven Key. First we have to create a controller which can be created with NURBS curves or anything of your choice. Then create a custom attribute which will trigger the toe ball and toe tip to rotate.

Set Driven Key is consisted of two division one is the Driver or the parent and other is the Driven or child. The most important aspect of Set Driven Key is not only the link between two parameters but to use a condition between the values, which make this tool more important for the rigger. Hope you will enjoy the video.

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