Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rigging in Autodesk Maya - Chapter 04 Leg, Foot & Hip joint

Rigging in Autodesk Maya Chapter 4 will continue the series where you will learn about the joint creation of leg, foot and connecting them with the root joint while creating the connecting hip joint. Creating the leg joint is easy, but you need to manipulate them a little. First you create them from the side viewport  according to your models leg. Then from the front you have to re-position the thigh joint by rotating if your character is standing parting its legs. Make sure you are rotating it from one axis.

Now when you want to connect this lower body joint chain with the main root joint here I will recomend you to create a single joint which will separate the two half of the body upper and lower to control them separate and that joint is the hip joint. this joint will give you an unique control over the lower portion of the body by not effecting the upper portion. Follow the tutorial and you will easily create the construction. Happy Rigging.

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