Saturday, 24 August 2013

Is it the new wave in VFX aka Visual Effects in INDIA?

Few days ago I was watching the new trailer of the movie sequel Krrish-3. The excecution of the vfx shots looked quite noticeable. Red Chillies VFX is slowly but steadily gripping the quality we always expected from the Bollywood films. For the last decade Animation and visual effects industry in India faced a lot of difficulties to produce good quality of shots in their own film industry, but the first change came in the film RA-ONE, where we seen few really "clean" shots of VFX. Now the same studio has come with the VFX in Krrish-3 also. But.... yes there is a but ..... We are still in a BIG question about the storyline of the film. Bollywood has always lack on this part as far the VFX depended films are concern. Hope the trial and error process will produce an outstanding quality of story-telling in near future. 

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