Thursday, 30 May 2013

Displacement Approx Modifier in 3Ds Max

Displacement approx modifier in Autodesk 3ds Max helps us to create and control the displacement details in various level in an object . This modifier helps to calculate the displacement map implied on the object when we use the default scanline renderer. Mental ray does not need this modifier for calculating. You will get this modifier in the list as "Disp Approx" . The moment you apply this modifier, you will get the basic displacement as result. The different parameters of this modifier are very easy and straight forward. The first option is sub-divisional displacement. if you switch this off then the displacement calculate the basic subdivision value of the object or the segments. When it is on , the displacement calculation happens at the time of rendering by the method we select in the the modifier. There are subdivision presets for preview and final process like "Low" , Midium" and the "High", or  you can manipulate the options to make the calculation better. There are four type of subdivision method you will found in this modifier. 'Regular' which is a very straight calculation by subdividing the polygons of the surface. The other options are 'Spatial' and 'Curvature' and combination of both. 'Spatial' calculate along the edges of the polygons and 'Curvature' calculates the distance and angels. Follow the video tutorial below to get the details of the Displacement Approx modifier in 3Ds Max.

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