Sunday 12 July 2015

How to create Tiger fur using Fur in Autodesk Maya

Welcome to another exciting tutorial in Autodesk Maya. In this tutorial you will learn about Maya Fur. Specifically how to create the fur of a tiger. First we will create a polygonal plane. Now you can go to rendering department to get the fur menu. If you dont see the fur menu means the Maya fur plugin is not activated from your plugin manger. Go to preferences > plugin manger and find the MayaFur plugin > activate it. Now you should get the fur menu in the rendering section.

Apply a new fur description to the surface and change the height and density according to your requirement. Now to get the fur colors as the tiger , first you need to apply a texture on the surface. the same texture will also go to the fur base color and fur tip color. Don't forget to bake the textures and Bingo . see the video below to get the details steps. Hope you will enjoy it.

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